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Apple TV+ SEVERANCE Brand Activation

"The activation was one of the highlights of SDCC." 
- Forbes

"This Apple TV+ show [“Severance”] has gone all out in one of the most immersive experiences in Comic-Con history."
-The San Diego Union Tribune

"For Apple TV+’s first foray into the world of San Diego Comic-Con, they may have already won the con."
-SDCC Unofficial Blog

"The experience is populated with actors who will interact with you. It was charming, quirky, odd, a little disquieting (though deliberately so), and delightful."
-The Beat

"The Severance experience shows just how immersive and striking these events (San Diego Comic-Con immersive experiences) can be." 
-We Got This Covered

"It was incredibly well done and a ton of fun."
-Geek Tyrant

Immersive Consultant

"This is a masterclass in immersive theatre, giving clear and respectful boundaries while still allowing for a lot of play and participation from the audience."
-Tyler Riley, TDF Org.

"This was one of my first immersive shows and I loved it!"
-Debra Hatch, La Jolla Playhouse

"The immersivity of the show and audience interaction are both well thought out - I felt cared for, noticed, and actively engaged throughout the experience."
-Allie Marotta, No Proscenium

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